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Black Friday weekend!

Now then, I haven’t posted a blog post from here as yet, so let’s see what happens! Will it just disappear...Only to reappear months down the line. Or is that just my Facebook stories! 

It’s funny how tech savvy we’re forced to become isn’t it! This weekend was the first “Black Friday” Mandy and myself have done. And I’m not sur what Mandy recons, but I definitely felt we had to learn stuff pretty quickly. It was exciting though, seeing people finding the web site and taking advantage of the sales. I stopped me actually shopping as well! 

We’re not done yet, the sale continues over the weekend, and then there’s good old “cyber Monday”. Haha, maybe we can start making cards for these events! Or cakes. Any excuse right....

Anyway, I’ve sort of been off work this week, but I did have my regular LLL snow, which was Ciao Bella. I really enjoyed working with their papers, they were so dreamy, and quite magical.

Ill pop a few photos of my makes, then get this posted...and see what happens.

Night everyone, and happy BF day 😄👋