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About us

Welcome to our little web site, run by the amazing Mandy - with Leonie doing her crafty bit now and again!! (Leonie has written this ;) )

This is us!!  And the amazing Pop up shop Mandy magics up when we have our workshops.

For those who don’t know me, I’m a craft television presenter on HOCHANDA, a crafter, designer and Northerner.  Although I’ve crafted since a small child, I’ve been in the industry for many years now, which I love.  I never expected to actually have the opportunity to work in the craft industry, but I am so grateful.  There is always something new to learn, and I've met the most amazing inspirational and talented people.  And the most kind and lovely people when I have been out demonstrating or doing our workshops.  It really is a dream job!.

I now live in Oundle, Peterborough with my hairy kid, Dave the Dog, although I’ve lived in a few locations throughout the UK, my Lancashire accent stays strong.

Our Mandy isn't just my business partner, she is a lifelong friend. We have shared many adventures together, and have lots of stories to tell and lovely memories.  I think secretly Mandy is actually wonder woman (haha, she better not change this bit!!).  Mandy used to work in the corporate world, but has left all that to join me in our little venture.

We’ve managed to get our workshops started in the South which has been a great success so far.  We are now venturing into the online live workshops and demonstrations, growing our website, and hopefully will one day be attending the craft shows!  

Thank you again for stopping by.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you've any questions, or just want to say hello xxx